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Designing your Wedding Invitations

Congratulations on your engagement. What an exciting step, your friends and family must be thrilled with the news.

Soon your thoughts will be turning to the planning of the big day, the dresses, the cake, the menu, the flowers and of course the wedding stationary. Your wedding invitation carries the happy message to all your friends and family and portrays the style and theme of the big day.

So to help, you have decided to consult a stationary designer, but where to start and what to expect of this service.

A good designer will take the time to ask you a series of questions to try and gauge the type and tone of your special day. Further inspiration may come from their portfolio of wedding invitations. But more importantly, it is what you want.

Your designer wants to do their best for you. However, bear in mind they are not mind readers and can only work with the feedback you provide. A little prior planning is essential, even if it changes in the design process.

So here are a few things for you consider to get an amazing wedding invitation.


This is very important and provides a unifying style for your wedding stationary. A theme can be anything you like, it’s totally your call, but it’s usually best to focus on one idea than to combine multiple ideas.
Common themes include:

  • Location: Maybe you’re having a destination wedding and want to incorporate that into your invitations? Beaches and gardens are popular themes but churches, restaurants, island get-always and mum and dad’s backyard can also provide inspiration.
  • Typography: With so many beautiful fonts out there, maybe you don’t want any pictures at all, preferring that the type itself form the backbone of the design.
  • Personal Interests: Love dogs? Maybe the two of you met under a fig tree? You’re both surf lifesavers? Why not incorporate the things you love into your wedding invite? You’ll be surprised how effective these personal designs can be.
  • Romance: For those who like it straight from the heart. Consider a contemporary or classically styled invitation that oozes romance.
  • Monogram: A bit of old world charm. But it doesn’t have to be old school – monograms can be done in a multitude of styles to suit your taste. 
  • Patterns: Can be very striking in their simplicity. They can be loud and bold, subtle and fine or somewhere in between. Patterns can be very individual and add an eye-catching feature to your invitation.





After choosing a theme, tone is the second most important thing to consider. As your invitation is your guest’s first ‘glimpse’ of the event ahead, the tone of the invitation will set the stage of what your guests are expecting at the wedding.

What would you think if you received a relaxed, fun looking, brightly coloured invite in a scrawly funky font only to find out that the wedding is to be a very formal, high end event with a 5 course meal and men expected to wear tuxedos?

The two images don’t match, right.

So what are you thinking, formal or informal?

And by formal, are you talking ‘black tie’ or ‘contemporary glam’? By informal do you mean ‘cute and fun’ (maybe a cartoon?) or simply ‘easy going and casual’? Be sure to tell your stationery designer exactly what kind of event you envisage so they can help set the tone from the start.





So you know what theme you’re after and the tone you would like to set, now how about styling?

Have a look at how the image/typography is rendered on the invite, do you like photo-realism, an illustrated design, a silhouette effect or how about a soft water colour image.

This is where checking out stationery designers online portfolio is going to be very helpful. Once you have seen a few, you will realise most stationery designers have a unique style all unto themselves. That’s not to say they can’t do something different and outside their portfolio of work – most would welcome the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. So if you see some fantastic work, but it’s not quite what your after, don’t be shy, give the designer a ring.

Other words to use with your stationery designer: Classic/Traditional • Romantic • Vintage • Modern • Rustic • Art deco • Whimsical • Beach • Retro • Nautical • Floral & Botanical • Destination • Ethnic & Cultural • Simple • Elegant • Funny • Typographic.




If you do have an idea be sure to bring along (or email) samples. Show your stationery designer your inspiration for the style and look of what you like, and then they can create something special for you. (but please don’t expect a designer to replicate someone else’s design!).

Last of all have fun. I believe the lead up and preparations for the wedding should be enjoyed as much as the actual day itself!



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