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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do wedding invitations cost ?

Pricing for invitation can varies according to stock used, size, additional embellishments (ie the wax seal, guest names on invitations, custom illustrated maps, rounded corners, perforation, ribbon/cord etc), but for a starting point it’s;

  • $250 for a custom design (invitation)
  • $150 for existing design with changes to text, colour, paper stock and sizing.
  • $55 per additional stationary design (ie rsvp, save the date, thank you cards etc)

Invitation Design Extras:

  • Adding a map $50
  • Individual Names (individual names printed onto invites from an Excel database) $50
  • Envelopes starting around .45c* each (*dependent on size, stock and quantity)
  • Printing prices can start from as little as $4.50* per invite. (*dependent on size, stock and quantity)

The best way to start your invitation process is to organise a meeting with me to discuss your requirements.
We can then discuss ideas and if you have a specific budget in mind I can provide different options to suit.

Can you give me a ‘per invitation’ price?

Because I don’t have a minimum order amount I don’t have a ‘per unit cost’ on the invitations and each job is quoted individually.

With printing there really isn’t a ‘per unit cost’, as there are fixed costs associated with printing before you even calculate the amount and type of paper stock & ink used.

This means the higher the quantity ordered, the cheaper the ‘cost per unit’ will be as these fixed costs are divided among a larger quantity.

I am on a budget. What can I do to keep costs down?

I understand that weddings cost a fair bit and sometimes we want and what we can afford can clash.  I will do whatever I can to accommodate all budgets.

When should you start your invitations?

No later than 10 weeks before your wedding. You can also start the design process earlier and then provide us with guests names at a later point. If your wedding falls on a significant day eg Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, then we would recommend thinking about organising a Save the Date card as well as sending your invites out earlier, to make sure every guest can make your special day.

When should I send my invites to my guests?

At least 6 weeks before the event. If your wedding is falling on significant date or your inviting guests from overseas, then we recommend you send them out no later than 10 weeks beforehand.

How long is the general process?

From start to finish I estimate 3-4 weeks to have your stationery designed, printed and delivered to you. If you live in a regional area, it might take a little longer for delivery. Custom projects with a lot of extra finishes may also take a little longer.

Should I order extra invitations?

Yes! You should always order 5-10 more invitations than originally planned. This will allow for any additional last minute guests as well as a few keepsakes for you and your family. Reprinting is pricey (as it’s the setup of the job which is the costly bit) so it’s better to be safe than sorry and have a few spares just in case.

Do you include guest names on invitations

Yes, I can, this is known as ‘data merge’. I will provide you with an Excel document to fill in and send back to me.

What should I check on my proofs?

Proofing is a tricky thing to do especially with all the excitement of seeing your design begin to become real. However I do ask that you do check as thoroughly as possible:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Fonts
  • Spacing

Check all dates, names, titles, addresses, email/ web addresses, telephone numbers and make sure you have included all of the information your guests will need.

Check that there are no incorrect abbreviations.

Please note: Once you have given final proof approval, you bear final responsibility for the design and typographical elements of your invitations.

Invites of Distinction cannot bear the costs of reprinting and delivery of orders due to any errors you have approved.

Do I need to post the invites, or can you do this for me?

We can look after this for you, but there will be additional postage charges.

I would like to talk to someone face to face, is this possible?

Yes! Just give me a call, and we can organise a convenient time. Design consultants are free of charge and take place at my home base studio in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. I also offer ‘after hours’ and weekend appointments as I understand most couples work full time and find it hard to get away from work.

I saw an invite I liked in a magazine, should I bring this to the consultation? Can you colour match to my bridesmaids dresses?

Yes, we can colour match any colour. Please bring samples to the meeting.

What wording and fonts should I pick for my invite?

At your consultation, I will provide you with samples to choose from. If you have something in mind that you have seen, you can also bring them with you to the consultation.

What size invite should I have?

At your consultation, we will go through size examples with you.

I’m interested in one of the designs that features on your website, but I need to make changes. Is this possible?

If you like a design on our website, we can customise the colour, stock, size etc to meet your requirements.

I would like to include a photo in my invite, how do I supply the photo to you?

You need to provide us with a 300dpi (high resolution), jpeg file. If you are unsure about the photo, send it to us and we can let you know if it meets print requirements.

I want to do something special for my invite, what kind of finishes can I choose from?

Die cutting: Creating a custom shape that is cut out of the paper.
Foiling: Foil stamping uses heat and metallic film in a specialty printing process that produces a shiny design on paper. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D effect.
Embossing: A form of printing to produce a raised impression or pattern on the surface of a sheet of paper.
Blind Embossing: Is a printing method where by an image is pressed into the paper, resulting in a raised design. There is no ink used in this process.

When do I need to pay the remaining part of my bill?

Once the stationery has been finished. I will let you know its ready for pickup or delivery. At this point we will require you to pay the outstanding amount.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept cheques, direct deposits or cash payment.

Preference is always direct deposit as it is quick, stress free and requires little time to clear! Cheques are also good but can take up to 7-10 working days to clear so please bear this in mind if you are tight for time as this process can often delay orders.

Full payment/ bank details will always be included within any quotation/ invoices that we send out.

How do you deliver the items once they are finished?

Once we have received the printed items, we will contact you in regard to how you would like the items delivered. You can pick the items up from our office, have them delivered by courier, or have them delivered by registered mail through Australia Post.

Do you deliver interstate and internationally?

Yes we do. Once the item has been sent through Australia Post, we will send you a notification by email.

Cancellation of order?

If you choose to cancel your order, you will still be required to pay the outstanding amount to date.

Can I purchase a gift certificate from you?

Yes, we do have gift certificates that can be used for any of our services. You can make them for any amount and they expire within one year of purchase. The person receiving the gift certificate just needs to provide the certificate at the quote sign off stage.